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Feeling pretty good yet? You should be because you are rocking it!

So now you can hopefully tick off;

  • Date

  • Venue

  • Mood board

  • Draft run sheet

  • Draft floor plan

  • Booked in all or some of your dream team.


So what's next?​

Good question, this is your chance to breath! Take a breath step back and chill, but only for a minute. We aren't finished yet!​

This is the part that a LOT of people struggle with, the waiting but this is a good time to check off all the details. Stationary, signage, looking for rings (ah fun!), trying to find your shoes and jewellery, and the boys attire. Start working on these things so they don't get forgotten or left to the last minute. You know how it goes, you seem to see things everywhere when you don't really need them and as soon as you do you can't find them anywhere and it drives you mad or you end up settling for something not quiet perfect.

Although these things are 'small' details and you probably don't feel like you are kicking goals, well, not like ticking the big things off the list like your venue. They are just as important because they are the things that will stress you out the most if left to the last minute.

So work through the check list below and give us a holla if you get stuck or have questions.

Approximately three months out book another catch up to go over everything and see how you are travelling. Hopefully you will be super relaxed and will be on top of everything but if not we can tackle it together.