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So you got engaged, exciting. Then pressure was on to pick a date and this goes hand in hand with picking a venue. So you decided on a awesome venue (not bias at all) and a date      so what now? Well this is why we have put together this little section just for you. Life is busy and this means we can help you plan, when it is convenient for you. While travelling, at home in your pj's or maybe at 2am in the morning when you just can't sleep.


So first things first. You need to start thinking about;

  • The feel you want for your day. Fun, formal or party.

  • The look. Romantic, boho, Bryron Bay in Wagga, whimsical, rustic or vintage lux.

         To help get inspired check out Instagram, start a Pinterest board or check our our Inspo page.

  • Think colours. What do you like and what will suit you bridal party? Keep in mind they don't

         always have to be the same colour,  maybe something complimentary. Think outside the box and have fun with it.

  • Guest numbers? If you haven't already put together a guest list it is a good idea to at least start a draft. This can always be adjusted but this will help you moving forward with budgeting and floor plans. This also includes picking the bridal party, even if you don't tell them just yet.

  • Think about the age range coming and think about there needs. Are your guests predominately older, younger (party age) or children. This will help us tailor the event to your guests needs to ensure everyone has fun.

  • Have you thought about timings? Is the ceremony a lunch or afternoon event?

  • Start looking for the Bridal gown and bridesmaids dresses, this will define the overall colour and style for the day.


Now that's done it's time to book your first appointment with us. In this appointment we will;

  • Create your floor plan

  • Put together a run sheet for the day

  • Build a mood board to take to other vendors

  • Create your event doc so we can plan together

  • Have a chat about anything else you may need!  



Chat soon x